Rapid Antigen Testing for Travelers

Book your live, online COVID-19 test

Acculab provides an online system certification of test results at https://acculab.ca/book/.

You can buy your own rapid test provided it is on an approved list. This includes:

  • Abbott BinaxNOW Antigen Test
  • Abbott PanBio Antigen Test
  • ACON FlowFlex Antigen Test
  • Artron Antigen Test
  • BD Veritor Antigen Test
  • CovClear Antigen Test (available at Hogarth’s while supply lasts)
  • Ecotest Antigen Test
  • FaStep Antigen Test
  • iHealth Antigen Test (Testing in the U.S. for reentry purposes only)
  • Quidel QuickVue Antigen Test
  • Rapid Response Antigen Test (Provided free by the BC government to patients 70 and older).
  • SD Biosensor Antigen Test

Once you have ensured you have one of the authorized tests above, you can book your appointment.

The cost of the certification starts at $39 per person with discounts for multiple people.

You need internet access, a valid email address and the ability to participate in a zoom video conference call.

You perform the test on camera in front of an Acculab official.

Following the test, you will receive an email certifying your results.

Open MONDAY to FRIDAY 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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