How Hogarth's Will Support You Through COVID-19

At Hogarth’s, our role in the COVID-19 pandemic is to help patients self-isolate to reduce the risk of viral transmission. For patients that are feeling ill, have a weakened or suppressed immune system, elderly or otherwise chronically ill Hogarth’s will:

  • Fax your physician to avoid non-essential physician visits
  • Provide pharmacist authorized prescription renewals where appropriate
  • Provide emergency supplies of medication
  • Permit early prescription refills (some restrictions may apply, and stock piling will be discouraged)
  • Deliver your prescription to your home
  • Provide curb side service to patients in our express parking spot in front of the pharmacy

If You Are Self-Isolating

  • Go here to request prescription refills.
  • Download the Medicine Centre APP from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • From the APP, not only can refills be requested, but you can send in a photo of your new prescription. Then hand in the original prescription upon pick up or delivery.

How You Can Help Keep Our Staff and Others Healthy

  • Please use the front entrance only.
  • Debit and credit card payments are preferred.
  • Please be aware of the sneeze guards we have installed.
  • Please do not wait in the pharmacy for your prescription to be filled.
  • Please leave your prescription and arrange to:
  • Have your prescription delivered.
  • Return at a later time to retrieve your prescription.
    Leave your cell phone number so you can receive a text when your prescription is ready.
  • If you are ill or have a cough, please:
  • Have a healthy friend or family member drop off and pick up your prescription.
  • Ask your physician’s office to fax in your prescription.
  • Please do not bring in old prescription bottles to be refilled. We will not be re-using vials brought from home.
  • Medications for disposal must be brought in a single sealed bottle. We will not be accepting bags of bottles and boxes of meds for disposal.
  • Sealed medical sharps containers will still be accepted.

If You Suspect You Have COVID-19

Patients that suspect or are worried they may have COVID-19 can call either 811 Nursing Hotline or call Interior Health’s Downtown Primary Care Clinic at 250-541-1097 for screening and testing. If you suspect you are ill please do not drop into the Primary Care Clinic, please call ahead first.

Hogarth’s will remain open for regular business hours and are taking prudent steps to help curb the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. We are not endorsing panic as you can tell because there is still only one roll of toilet paper…..and its still not for sale!

Call Us With Any Flu Related Questions