Refill Your Prescriptions and More with the
iEMR App

You can still refill your prescription without the app here.

The iEMR app includes medication history, prescription images, refill requests, treatment plan, vaccination record, lab data, and vital sign measurements.

Scroll down to learn how to use the app and to download to your phone.

Getting Started With the iEMR Mobile App

  1. You must already be registered with Hogarth’s Pharmacy’s WinRx system. Please call us at 250-545-3660 to make sure you are registered with your Personal Health Number (PHN) or mobile number.
  2. Once registered, open the iEMR app and enter the Pharmacy Identifier (
  3. Enter your PHN or mobile number (do not include spaces or dashes) to complete the app setup.

Using the App

Main Screen

Open the App and tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to settings.


Press Connect. Then, enter the IP address of the pharmacy (

Medication Profile

You can now see your prescription medication list and send refill requests directly from this screen.

Treatment Plan

If you have a treatment plan, it will appear here. Your allergy history will be viewable, and access to lab data will be added in a future update.

Vaccination Record

Any vaccination records added to your WinRx account will appear here.

Send Prescription to Pharmacy

You can send a photo of your prescriptions from here.

Download the App

Can’t download the App? Refill your prescription here.

Or get more information here.


iEMR is an free cellphone app (iPhone and Android) that allows medical information to be exchanged between you and Hogarth’s Clinic Pharmacy. It includes medication history, prescription images, refill requests, treatment plan, vaccination record, lab data, and vital sign measurements.

iEMR communicates with Hogarth’s Clinic Pharmacy and interfaces with our WinRx Pharmacy Management system.

WinRx is a Pharmacy Management system. Hogarth’s uses the WinRx system to help manage our clients’ health needs.

Once registered with Hogarth’s, you are able to use the iEMR app to review your medication history, send prescription images, request refills, review your treatment plan, view your vaccination record, and obtain lab data.

Yes, you can. Call Hogarth’s Clinic Pharmacy at 250-545-3660 to have your family member added to our WinRx system. You will then see your family member’s records in your iEMR app.

Download the iPhone or Android version of the app to your phone. Open the app and enter the pharmacy IP ( along with your mobile number of personal health number (PHN) – no spaces or dashes.

Hogarth’s is still associated with the Medicine Centre Pharmacy Group. You can request prescription refills online here.

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